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Septifix Reviews Update 2022: Possibly, the worst turn off for anyone could be, is their smelly and sludgy septic tank. Which needs to be gotten rid of at any price. There are limit products available on the official website, specifically designed for the septic tanks and this includes Septifix. To know more about the product, read the article until the end as we will be reviewing the septifix product. Click Here To Visit – “OFFICIAL WEBSITE”

What is Septifix?

Septifix is a non toxic, safe, oxygen releasing and solid tablet. These are use to clean septic tanks. When it interacts with sewage, it quickly eliminates toxic odor in just a few days. There is no sludge sitting on the surface of the septic tanks.


About the manufacturer

Richard V and his team formulated Spetifix tablets. Septifix Tablets came to market in 2014 to serve as an aid to consumers. Who spent several thousand bucks in septic tank repairing or buying a new one, exclusive of the installation costs.

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How do Septifix tablets work?

After reaching the septic tank, these tablets upon interacting with water disintegrate into sodium carbonate and oxygen.  Oxygen dissolved in water diffuses throughout the tank and  sodium carbonates act as softener on the water . Moreover, sodium carbonate helps in reducing pH and also helps in reducing smell within a few days of application. Also the active bacterial strains present in these Septifix tablets eat on the oil and lubricants present in tanks  and thereby, keeping the tanks clean for a long time.


Every tablet of Septifix contains 14 strains of aerobic bacteria. So by simple calculation 1 gram of this product will contain more than one million of bacteria. It also contains components that regulate oxygen level and pH in the septic tanks that  stimulate the accumulation of bacteria in the tank, and enables their survival chances upto 3 months. The good bacteria will prevent corrosion and react with acid which may corrode the pipes and pumps. This helps either completely getting a shot of corrosion chances or slowing down the same.

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Benefits of Septifix

There are several benefits that come attached with the use of these tablets. Refer to the following pointers as we outline the primary benefits of using these.

  • Once these tablets interact with water, they immediately starts dissolving and releases sodium carbonate and oxygen
  • These tablets do not get stuck any where as they are easily dissolved into water.
  • The time-tested recipe of Septifix is formulate in such a way that it keeps the tanks clean and retards.
  • The accumulation of bad odour from the septic tank.
  • These tablets inhibit the growth of bacteria present in oils , soaps and toilet paper.
  • The unique formulation of Septifix pulls out all the blockages that are present in the tank.
  • The creator claims that Septifix has an ability to increase the oxygen level.
  • Higher level of oxygen increases the accumulation of good bacterial colonies that will further promote decomposition of biodegradable waste
  • These tablets are non toxic, environment- friendly and safe to use.
  • These tablets inhibit the formation of corrosion of pipes , valves and pumps.
  • Bacterial accumulation sometimes increases the pH of the tanks.
  • This tablet kills the bacteria hence it maintains the pH at 7.
  • These tablets will thousands of dollar per year as it reduces the number of pumping out septic tank waste from once every year to once in three years
  • Moreover, these tables are environment friendly and toxic free so one is contributing to the eco-friendly environment.

Why plump for this product over others?

There are tons of other products available on the market, still Septifix takes the cake for the following reasons-

  • These tablets are formulate in such a way that it promotes the dissolved oxygen by 75 percent and thereby bacteria tends to live in tanks and work for at least 90 days.
  • Septifix tablets help counterpoise the pH levels of the wastewater and hence provide a healthier environment for the good bacteria to function and vanquish the bad ones.
  • As it has more than 10 million microorganisms, it can easily remove any kind of blockage, grease and deadly pathogen so one does not really need to worry about frequent blockages.
  • The dissolved oxygen is quickly increase and thus it interacts with hydrogen sulfides.
  • Eliminates all the bad odor in 3 to 5 days.

Septifix Pricing And Discounts

As per the website there are 3 plans which are available as of now and they are:

  • Sample package-It costs $69 each consists of 6 months supply. There are no shipping charges. Additionally, it comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.
  • First most popular package-it includes 18 months of supply and it costs around $49 each. It also comes with a 60 days refund policy and free shipping.
  • Second Most popular package-It is price at $59 each and it includes 12 month of free supply. There are no shipping charges, and it also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.

Septifix Price

Usage direction

As these are non toxic tablets, the consumer can easily touch the product without wearing gloves or other protective add-ons i.e. just by bare hands one could go about the process of cleaning the septic tank. As per the official website, the creator recommends that by using three tablets into your toilet bowl and flushing twice. The user will notice the results within 2 to 5 days. However, the septifix makers strongly recommend that, in subsequent months, consumers should use one tablet every month to keep the septic tank clean, tidy, and odor-free.

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Is the tablet legit?

This lucrative and eco-friendly tablet comes with the major advantage of it containing no chemical additives, making it safe and secure for all homes, regardless of what they are made of or when they were built.

These scientifically formulated tablets are design in a way to nip unpleasant odor in the bud, helping your home to stay smell free throughout the day and night.

Those who are involved in the making and formulation of these tablets, used an innovative manufacturing process so that any sludge or muddy build-up gets evenly broken down from all the areas of the tank, and thereby cleaning the tank through.

These tablets have been release on the market after giving the ingredients and manufacturing process over three years. Speaking of this unique oxygen-cleansing technology, they are readily available everywhere at a meager amount. One can even go ahead and get these for their septic tank off of their official site in order to avail of their money-back guarantee card. Since the company offers the option to ask for a refund, this alludes to the tablet being legitimate.

Conclusion- Should you buy it?

Now the main question pops up, whether or not should you go for these tablets over other available on the market. As soon as you hear the products name, millions of reasons stir summon up into your mind that we cannot help but roll with it. A few of these benefits include the product being toxic free so you don’t have to lose sleep over it being harmful for the environment. Secondly, once you toss the tablet into the water, it gets dissolve without leaving any debris in the pipe of the tank, all the more reason to swear by. Another major reason why customers are known for using this product when it concerns their septic tank is that it keeps a tight rein on odor. Leaving it bearable for the next person to use it.

Another major benefit that one cannot turn a blind eye to is that there isn’t a constant to get the waste taken out. Once in every three years you may require to get it clean. This significantly reduces the amount that needs to be laid out in order to keep septic tank like it was bought yesterday.

Going over the flip side, we are contend with it’s pricing structure. If it is your first time trying out the product, you are requiring to splash around $69 dollars, with a 6 months’ supply. The price observes a decline as you make your first ever purchase i.e. once the sample is buy. The product is offer at bargain-basement prices in form of popular packages.

Septifix Reviews

Final Verdict-

The most popular package stands at $49 each, where you’ll be entitle to enjoy the benefits of the product for 18 months. Conversely, if you go for the second package of 12 months, you’ll be require to pay around $59 each. Regardless of the package, you are entitle to a refund in case the product doesn’t come up to scratch. This, however, is within 6 months of the purchase.

Is the product even worth it?

Looking at the benefits and positives, it is safe to say that it won’t be bad to give it a shot. So if you are someone who is tired of the odor emitting off of their septic tanks constantly gets the waste pumped out, try giving these tablets a whirl. If the worst case scenario is taken into account, you’ll always be eligible for a refund.

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