Vivaslim Reviews

What is Vivaslim Reviews? VivaSlim drops is a Nutritional diet supplement that solves the issue of  visceral and belly fat by using some artificial and natural ingredients. Individuals who consume this supplement will be able to decrease their body’s fat storage and thereby, helping takers to achieve their desired weight, as claimed by the makers of this product. (VivaSlim Lawsuit)

To sum it up VivaSlim Drops can helps in:

  • Weight loss
  • Increasing basal metabolism rate
  • Suppresses hunger and maintains cholesterol levels

Vivaslim lawsuit

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VivaSlim An Overview-

Product Name VivaSlim
Product From Drops
Main Benefits Support to Losing weight quickly and improves metabolism systems
VivaSlim Ingredients Irvingia Gabonensis, Maca, L-Ornithine, L-glutamine, and L-Arginine
Money-Back Guarantee 365 Day
Dosages Instruction Take two drops twice a day
Side Effects None reported
Quantity 60ml
Alcohol Warning No restrictions
Results Can take 3-6 months
VivaSlim Come with Multi-Pack And Discount Price 1 Bottle just $49

3 Bottles just $39 Each

6 Bottles just $31 Each

Availability Only Through Official Website
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How does VivaSlim Work?

VivaSlim makers explained about the problem in the body that can cause an organ malfunction. Makers promise that this enhancement will amp up the overall healthy lifestyle by fixing adipocyte. Adipose is a type of connective tissue that makes a quarter of individual body weight. It is distributed throughout the body. However, this supplement is formulated to control how much fatty cells are stored within the body.

This time tasted formula works well for shedding out excess body weight. But in order to lose weight the users have to remain consistent and regular.

However, Constituents of this dietary enhancement includes African mango extracts and extracts of Irvingia Gabonensis. These extracts stimulate adiponectin, a fat melting hormone that transforms the fat cells from lock mode to release mode. When this hormone is present in lower quantity, there is a possibility of being overweight which means that cells are not functioning properly. But, some research conducted  in Africa regarding clinical importance of Irbingaia gabonensis extract , says that the extract, upon entering inside the body , helps to improve adiponectin level , and this leads to reduction in body weight.


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VivaSlim Ingredients:

African Mango Extract

  • African mango(Irvingia gabonensis) aka bush mango is a tree found in African forest. It is used in ancient medicine to treat epidermal pain.
  • The African Mango extract in Vivaslim helps in following ways-
  • It inhibit the growth of fat cells
  • Drop can helps in  weight-loss as it increases the natural fat loss process.
  • It retards the level of cholesterol by regulating HDL/LDL levels in the body.
  • It keeps a check on natural blood sugar level by stimulating insulin activity.
  • This is also maintains blood pressure.


  • L-ornithine is amino acid derivative
  • It can helps to root out the harmful toxin out of the body. With the regular use of VivaSlim the users can be able to maintain lean muscles. It is one of the popular ingredients found in weight loss supplements. Research shows that L-Ornithine has following benefits
  • It reduces exercise- induced fatigue and also stimulates muscle building by stimulating protein production by increasing the growth hormone secretion.
  • It increases the basal metabolism level , thereby aids in weight-loss
  • Moreover, it has a positive effect on sleep in healthy individuals.
  • It alters the rate of protein synthesis, thereby increasing muscle-fiber formation.
  • It helps in maintaining epidermal well-being, by rooting out the toxins and harmful radicals.


  • L carnitine is also called a fat burner. It plays a pivotal role in production of energy from fats in mitochondria.
  • Benefits of L carnitine areas follows
  • It helps in fat burning.
  • It amps up the metabolism to assist fat burning.
  • This functions as an antioxidant and helps in the body’s immune response.
  • It maintains the wellbeing of the heart with the help of some active agents.
  • It enhances the hormone capacity of the body.

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It helps in reduction of fat mass and raises muscle mass. It shoots up the activity of insulin, which stimulates hormones to metabolize fat cells. However, this is also provides strength for workout, thereby making it beneficial for weight loss.

Beta Alanine

  • This is a widely used ingredient in pre workout supplement. It allows individuals to work out harder and harder as it buffers against the acid buildup . This is known to have antioxidants , anti-aging and immune – enhancing properties.
  • It hastens the rate of protein synthesis.


  • It is a crucial ingredient as it alters the composition of microbiota in the gut . Gut microbiome plays an important role in weight management. It provides protection against inflammation, which is linked with obesity.
  • It also amps up insulin sensitivity and improves blood sugar level.
  • This is optimizes the wellbeing of heart and immune system
  • It fasten the BMR and helps in weight loss
  • It maintains the microbiota inside the gut.

Maca Root

  • Maca Root, a herbal plant typically grows in South Africa. Research shows it maintains metabolism , mood and supports cognitive function. Maca roots contain high amounts of iron and iodine which helps in maintaining cells healthy and keeps the metabolism on track.
  • It act as Mood Enhancer
  • It fastens energy production by increasing BMR.
  • This is widens the lumen of blood-vessels therefore it helps in blood circulation.
  • It enhances one’s libido as it has aphrodisiacal properties.


  • Niacin (Vitamin B3, or nicotinic acid)  purportedly helps in lowering cholesterol and reduction of central or abdominal fat accumulation.
  • It also boosts cognitive function and helps in increasing brain functioning.
  • it has anti-inflammatory functions.
  • This is also reduces the chances of arthritis as it maintains the health of joints.
  • It increases bone density.

Pygeum Africanum

It is also called African plum bark extract. It has various antioxidant and anti- inflammatory functions

Rhodiola Rosea

This is a crucial ingredient as it helps to reduce anxiety and muscle fatigue and depression, But, some research shows that it stimulates the body’s defense abilities against various kinds of stresses.


  • This is the last ingredient in our list. Astragalus is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine .
  • It is used for enhancing immune response , anti-aging and has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. In one animal study , it tends to help in weight loss and improves sugar metabolism too.
  • It eliminates stresses due to immoderate physical and mental strain.

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VivaSlim Benefits

  • It enhances the BMR to a point where the body starts digesting everything the individual eats.
  • This is roots off the excess fat from the body
  • It inhibits the cravings and gives better control.
  • This is retards the accumulation of fat and forming new fat layers
  • It increases energy production by burning fat cells
  • VivaSlim can maintains a healthy blood sugar level and lowers the risk of diabetes
  • It regulates the blood pressure and thereby diminishes the chance of hypotension and hypertension.
  • Vivaslim Drops can helps in detoxification so it protects from diseases
  • It chops off the fat from the neck, face and cheeks.
  • This is stimulates the sleep cycle and enables the individual to sleep well.
  • It helps individuals to get rid of visceral fat which helps the individual to get a flat stomach.
  • VivaSlim gives slender appearance to the body
  • Moreover, it keeps a check on normal cholesterol level.
  • It is an Unisex product.

vivaslim reviews

VivaSlim Pricing & Discounts 

As per the official website:

  • Sample Package- for one month supply: Price $49
  • Most Popular Package- for three months supply:  Prices $117 ($39 per bottle)
  • The Best Value Package- for six months supply: Prices $186 ($31 per bottle)

VivaSlim Refund Policy

However, Manufacturer of VivaSlim gives 365 days 100 % money back guarantee. This means if you don’t lose a significant amount of weight while consuming VivaSlim or if there is any problem due to this supplement the consumers can file for a complete refund during this period. (VivaSlim Lawsuit)

Where to Buy

You can easily buy this product from Simple Promise Or click

Dosage and direction to use

  • It is recommended to take not more than 2-3 drops per serving .
  • Just mix the 2-3 drops with water or any beverage then drink it to lose weight.

 Is it worth spending money over?

The question that actively confronts us every time we go over any product is whether it deserves our hard-earned money or not. (VivaSlim Lawsuit)

Since there are plenty of weight-loss supplements available on the market, it makes one wonder as to why they make their minds in favor of VivaSlim. To put the reasons crudely, we have to go over the major highlights of VivaSlim. However,  The product in question claims to assist an individual in their weight loss journey by subsuming constant craving for food and speed up the weight loss process through refined metabolism. The benefit isn’t confined to the subject of weight loss or metabolism rate, but extends over to nipping the chances of lifestyle diseases in the bud.

However, those who came up with the product assert that the product helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar level, thereby reducing the chances of diabetic attack. Additionally, the product helps hypertension patients to keep it under control. Further on, the positives like sound sleep, detoxification, getting rid of face fat, keeping fat build-up at bay, and others come attached with the consumption of the product. But,  you are require to take the supplement daily in order for the thing to work.

vivaslim reviews

Final Recpy- Vivaslim Reviews

Conversely, if we discuss the less desirable side, the product( a bottle to be precise) stands at $49, and as the quantity increases, the price significantly slumps i.e. if you go over 6 bottles, it would cost you around $186. You can find various products in the same price range, though they may not have natural products that VivaSlim makes use of.

If you indeed come down in favor of the product, keep in mind to read over the ingredients and see if they are allergic to anything before ordering the sample bottle.

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