Secure Lite Cam Reviews

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Secure Lite Cam

Secure Lite Cam review demonstrates that there is now a low-cost alternative with functionality and quality equivalent to more costly models. There are less expensive alternatives to these technologies. We’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks of this home security camera so you can determine whether it’s perfect for you.

What is Secure Lite Cam?

You could wish to get a compact, light security camera with a lot of choices to safeguard your house or company from both large and little attackers and potential spying. This bulb is one of the most acceptable ways to keep your home or business safer since it has many beautiful features.

As long as the Secure Lite Cam is linked to your WiFi network, it can monitor the exterior and interior of your home, as well as the driveway and sidewalk. You may see the film from anywhere in the globe on your computer, tablet, or phone as long as the Secure Lite Cam is hooked into an outlet.

A Secure Lite Cam can pan, tilt, zoom, and turn in all directions while being operated from a distance. This provides it with a significant edge over traditional security cameras. It is also not fixed in one location, allowing it to cover a broad region with no dead patches. Standard cameras are less adaptable than Security Lite Cams since they cannot be dropped, tilted, or rotated without the need for additional equipment.

T Secure Lite Cam will always be ready to go, whether plugged in or charging, and you won’t have to worry about running out of batteries. If you want to shoot photographs while out and about without worrying about your camera’s batteries dying, pack additional batteries or be prepared to swap out the ones you currently have.

It will be considerably simpler to conceal security cameras if they resemble conventional bulbs. This will allow the cameras to be placed in areas where they will not be observed.

Your house will be safeguarded around the clock with Secure Lite Cam, preventing burglars and other trespassers from breaking in while you’re gone. You may use it to keep an eye on your children while you are not around and to check if anything unusual is happening in certain rooms.

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Secure Lite Cam Features

Secure Lite Cam reviews

  • High Definition (1080p) camera

This home security camera captures in Full HD (1080p), so the video is crisp and colorful and can be seen on any size screen. Everything, even the slightest details, may be recorded.

  • Tilt and pan ranges that span the whole sphere

Because it can be spun all the way around, the Secure Lite Camera can capture video from any angle in your house. Its reach is extended further by its ability to revolve a complete 360 degrees. You may see the whole map from a distance with this function.

  • Lovely lighting

Because this gadget only has one outlet but four lights, you must evaluate for yourself whether there are any drawbacks. Switch on the lights if the motion is detected in a room where you can’t see what’s going on.

  • Real-time tracking and alerting

When anything moves, the Secure Lite Cam detects it and sends a real-time alarm. Finally, it is up to you to determine whether or not this individual is an invader.

  • Alarm

When it detects motion, Secure Lite Cam alerts users in real-time and sounds an alarm. You may utilise the notice to deter a potential burglar if you get real-time notifications.

  • Night vision

In absence of light, your property is automatically and continually watched with high-quality video.Because it feeds high-definition movies straight to your mobile device through a supercharged infrared led, this gadget’s full-colour night vision is much superior to typical infrared night vision cameras. This innovative technology outperforms traditional night-vision cameras.

  • The sound that can be heard in both directions

Because it offers two-way audio, the Secure Lite Cam allows you to communicate with your loved ones even while you are not at home. They could say something similar that helps you figure out who sent the message.

You never know when you’ll need it, such as when you need to watch your more minor children or pets in case they do something insane. Suppose they were preparing to do anything that might cause harm to another person, for example.

  • Wireless connectivity

You can use the free app to set up Secure Lite Cam and connect it to your home WiFi network. This will enable you to see previously captured videos. The set includes one 64 GB memory card.

This implies you may not have to upload data to cloud storage every month. As a result, you’ll have a database of knowledge that you can access at any moment to make your house safer or learn something new..

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What purpose do Secure Lite Cam serves?

The Secure Lite Cam can record 1080p high-definition video in any of the four cardinal directions (up, down, right, and left). Thanks to the phone connection, you can keep an eye on your home and kid even when you’re not there.

It also has an alarm system that you can activate from your phone to deter would-be criminals. Even in total darkness, full-colour night vision may provide a vivid image.

Secure Lite Cam review


  • Best security options

It can rotate 360 degrees, pan up and down, left and right, then left and right again, allowing you to capture high-quality film of your house from a variety of perspectives. Because you can view this video on your phone, you can be confident that you’ll know what’s going on in an emergency.

When motion is spotted, you’ll get an alert immediately, so you may take action, such as sounding an alarm to deter a potential burglar. This gadget also features a memory card slot that can accommodate cards up to 64 GB in capacity. This makes it ideal for the long-term storage of recordings. They are always available to you, so you may contact them anytime you need to.

  • Watch children and the animals.

When you can’t be there in person, the Secure Lite Cam is an excellent method to monitor your children or pets. If there is an issue, they will be aware, and you may utilise the two-way audio to ensure that everything is in order. You may opt to contact them even if they are not doing anything wrong to help them feel less alone. You, like everyone else, deserve to have some fun.

  • Reliable light source

This product has four strong lights that may be used to illuminate a room or as a safety light to assist you in seeing what’s going on around you.

How to use Secure Lite Cam efficiently?

Putting in a light bulb is more complex than utilising this device. In only a few minutes, you’ll have it firmly linked to the light switch. Once inside, you’ll connect the camera to your phone via an easy-to-use app. For example, you may now use your Apple or Google-powered smartphone to monitor what’s going on in your house.


  • It can provide a high-quality video signal both during the day and at night.
  • A vital light source may be sufficient to illuminate the space.
  • Your recordings will be protected thanks to the 64 GB memory card.
  • The price brackets of these cam is pretty reasonable.
  • It is battery independent.


  • Official website of Secure Lite Cam is the only place to buy it.

Customer reviews

James says it’s simple to set up and create photographs that seem like an expert shot them—capable of displaying what the camera sees, Very adept at following a human or an animal, even our beloved dog. I believe that you should go ahead and purchase this product. Technical support is helpful. Even though it was late on a Sunday night, the tech support line came back to us extremely fast.

Plug and play is how Robert explains installation. Once you’ve downloaded the app and switched on the electricity, you can start snapping images. You need an SD card to record video, although AI can already distinguish individuals and capture pictures without one (see the third image).”

When we take John at his word, says that It was relatively simple to get things rolling. It had been more brutal to utilise more costly items from a well-known brand. It’s excellent that it has a sound system and a horn, and it can perform a decent variety of things. I give 4.8 star out of 5.0

Michael says that the money invested was undoubtedly worth it. This one is a significant improvement over the light bulb camera I used to use.

Cost and Discounts

Anyone may purchase a Secure Lite Cam, but you can only do it via the product’s official website, where you can discover the following prices:

  • For $49, you can purchase one Secure Lite Cam.
  • Each Secure Lite Camera costs $49, and there are two of them.
  • There are three Secure Lite Cams for sale, and each one costs just $39.20.
  • You can purchase four Secure Lite Cams for $176.80, which makes each one merely $39.20.
  • You can purchase five different Secure Lite Cams for $39.20 each.
  • You receive 10 Secure Lite Cams for a price of $29,40 per device.


The customer must also pay a shipping cost of $9.50. They may pay with PayPal, a debit or credit card, or any of those. Each Secure Lite Cam comes with a one-month free trial.


Secure Lite Cam is one example of how we may utilise contemporary technology to make our homes and stuff safer. Thanks to this new technology, we can track what’s happening anywhere using a mobile device. This means we’ll never be out of the loop again. There is motion detection and an immediate alert on the Secure Lite Camera.

Secure Lite Cam’s capacity to keep an eye on things is made much more helpful by the fact that it can chat back and forth with individuals in other areas.

It can be used for various things, but the pricing is also excellent. You would not be wise to overlook such a terrific home security product as if nothing had changed in the way you think about keeping your house secure.

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