Qinux Airgo Reviews

Although Qinux Airgo is an air cooler, it uses less energy and is more ecofriendly than previous models. It takes no technical knowledge to set up; once operational, it requires no maintenance. Furthermore, moving it to a new room is simple. The process of getting calm, fresh air takes three easy steps!

Locating some electric fans is easy if you require a little breeze. Easily operated, it connects to any regular USB connection or converter, providing coolness even on the warmest days. The mood lighting created by the lighted LEDs enhances the overall visual appeal. (EXCLUSIVE OFFER) Purchase Qinux Airgo For The Lowest Prices!!

Qinux Airgo

What is Qinux Airgo?

The Qinux Airgo is a lightweight, portable personal air cooler that may also be used as an air conditioner or fan. It is lightweight, portable, and free of a tangle of cables, making it simple to move from room to room and this device comes with a micro-USB charging cord for the appliance. Because of its integrated air filter, which collects dust and other airborne particles before delivering clean, cold air, this air cooler is perfect for use inside.

This air cooler never blows hot air since its water tank ensures you always have access to the most excellent air possible. Select your favorite fan speed, play about with the louvers, and enjoy the refreshing air for hours.

You can do anything with little or no effort on your part. Its compact size and low weight make the solution easy to transport between places.

This air cooler features three fan speeds that can be changed to suit the room’s temperature, according to the specs posted on the official website.

As so, users of different ages may use the device efficiently. An older person or a youngster might utilize this air cooler in a setting with a reduced fan speed. The smallest kid can use it since it adjusts the fan speed from low to high.

Customers of this air cooler  have left positive feedback. These findings show that consumers are ready to give the product a high rating because they have a high level of trust in it. It also offers social proof, indicating that if other people recommend it, you should try it too.


  • Efficient fan technology

Its central component is its strong fan, which draws air from the room. This fan is excellent at creating a breeze and moving air about you. The air constantly moving forward due to the fan’s spin facilitates the cooling effect.

  • Water evaporation

The device has a cooling pad or filter that has been wet, which the fan pumps air across. Water evaporation occurs when air flows across a saturated filter. The heat from the surrounding air is removed during this evaporation process.

  • Impacts on Saturation:

In addition to keeping you cool, this device makes the air more humid. The air absorbs the moisture in the wet filter and spreads throughout the environment.

Increasing the relative humidity lessens the chance of dry skin, eyes, and nasal passages—as well as the discomfort they cause. A room with air conditioning or a dry area may become more comfortable and enjoyable when provided with humidity.

  • Fans’ Speed Controls:

This air cooler  has three fan speeds: high, medium, and low. These changeable fan speeds allow you to customize the ambient temperature and airflow to your preference. The higher speeds of the three possible fan settings provide more robust cooling, while the lower speeds offer gentler cooling and quieter operation.

Since obtaining the “perfect” temperature might be challenging, the QinuxAirgo has three temperature settings. Configure it to your preferred loudness or mild breeze; there’s no need to decide anything specific.

  • A USB cord

There is a micro-USB charging cord in the packaging. It may be charged everywhere there is an electrical outlet.

  • Streamlined and Modern Style

This item is an excellent addition to your home and will blend well with the current decor. You have the option to mix and match any seven of the available colors.

For living rooms and bedrooms, this design is ideal. A four hundred square foot area may be heated from ninety to sixty-five degrees in less than six minutes. Obviously, things will go forward much more quickly in a more compact space.

  • Efficient working

Gets each member of your family or circle of acquaintances a Qinux Airgo if they have trouble falling asleep in the heat. They are affordable and hence available to anyone.

You can regulate the lighting and temperature in your house with this air cooler, making it the ideal place to work, play, and relax.

  • Interchangeable Water Curtains

It is possible to utilize each water curtain for six to eight months. To reinstall it, give it a quick soak in water.

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  • Modifiable

The sleek, contemporary style works well in any environment. By adjusting the moveable louver and three fan speeds, you may customize the air conditioning to suit your demands at any given moment.

  • Intricate in its implementation

Your life is supposed to be made simpler by the integrated water tank and lightweight design of this air cooler. Another benefit is the simplicity with which new sceneries can be added using the drop-in water curtain idea.

  • For personal use as cooling

It may be placed wherever you want to feel most at home. Insert the micro-USB cord that comes with it into a power socket.

  • Authentic technology

Because of this, you won’t have to put up with the noise that air conditioners and other more conventional temperature control devices make.

  • An integrated air filter

The air cooler is perfect for use in confined places because of its ability to filter out dust and other airborne particles.

  • Comfortable

One advantage of this air cooler is its portability, which allows you to move it from room to room. Because of its compact size and low weight, it is simple to move. You can carry your personalized comfort wherever you go in your house because of its mobility, which enables you to keep your body temperature at a comfortable level throughout the day.

  • Power-sufficient:

This air cooler aims to keep you cool without dramatically raising your energy costs. This ecologically friendly step may reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your monthly energy bills.

  • Multiple purposes:

With this air cooler, it’s easy to get the ideal cooling level for your house thanks to its uncomplicated design and simple controls. The versatile control panel allows the air cooler’s functioning to be adjusted to the user’s preferences, contributing to its adaptable and flexible design.

  • Eco friendly

Sustainable design was crucial in creating the environmentally friendly air cooler. Refrigerants and other potentially hazardous chemicals used in traditional air conditioning are eliminated by evaporative cooling.

This eco-friendly approach saves the environment, gives you a pleasant space, and doesn’t compromise performance.

  • Easy maintenance :

It requires little maintenance to keep the air cooler functioning correctly. Because of its durability, the water curtain will need no maintenance and continue to provide reliable cooling for many years.

By efficiently capturing dust and other impurities, the built-in air filter lowers the amount of debris accumulating within the gadget. That means you may have consistent cooling without performing tiresome and time-consuming maintenance.

Why to use Qinux Airgo?

There are three measures to follow to ensure that the fan or air conditioner operates smoothly and comfortably. Raise the water curtain again, fill the air conditioner with a cup of water, and turn it on. This is when the magic happens, and the vent releases chilly air.

To keep things cool, this air cooler employs thermoelectric cooling. To control heat flow between two electrical connections, the air cooler depends on the laws of physics.

Replaceable water curtains on coolers have a lifespan of around six to eight months, according to QinuxAirgo testing. Filters remove allergens and other contaminants in the air conditioner. In this approach, a client may experience breathing circumstances that are serene, revitalizing, and pure.

The reviews of this air cooler are an excellent substitute for more extensive, bulkier air conditioning systems due to its tiny size and affordable pricing. What it does is as follows:

It is a small air cooler since it is meant for personal use. This implies that it may be used to cool other rooms in the house, including the kitchen. None of these additional characteristics are necessary for a central air conditioner.

Their air conditioners refute this hypothesis, according to evaluations of this air cooler. You’ll save money on setup, maintenance, and utility costs. When operating with a low fan, this cooler may lower energy costs.

How to use Qinux Airgo?

The Qinux Cooler is simple and produces a calm, refreshing environment. The following three steps should be followed to apply effectively:

First, check to see whether there is enough water in the storage tank. To do this, add as much water as possible to the device, and you can be confident that it will chill the object effectively.

The second phase is integrating the new water curtain with the current air conditioner. With a lifetime of 6 to 8 months, these water draperies provide you with constant cooling power. The water curtain is simple to change and remove, making overall more relaxed maintenance easier.

Lastly, switching it on is all that’s needed for the device to function. When this air cooler is switched on, it chills the room and makes it feel comfortable and relaxed. How well-thought-out and easy the cooler is to use is shown by how little effort it takes to get it rolling.

Using the Qinux Cooler is easy. After filling the water tank, replacing the water curtain, and turning on the device, the cooling benefits become instantly apparent. An air cooler is an excellent choice for uncomplicated cooling that will stay within the budget since it needs so little maintenance.

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Why Is the Qinux Airgo Different from other air cooler?

Its capacity to humidify the air is what separates the Qinux Airgo from other air conditioners. Unlike conventional fans and air conditioners, which remove moisture, this air cooler adds moisture to the air. This makes it different from other air conditioning equipment. There are many ways in which having this unique ability enhances your life.

Conventional cooling treatments might cause discomfort, such as dry skin, parched nasal passages, and irritated eyes.

Nevertheless, this air cooler fixes these problems by increasing the atmospheric humidity by a precise quantity. This prevents discomfort and health issues from arid weather by keeping the air sufficiently moist.

It is best to utilize this air cooler’s ability to add moisture to the air in dry areas or locations with artificially low humidity. By maintaining consistent humidity levels, this air conditioner helps to relieve eye strain, alleviate nasal congestion, and prevent dry skin.

This may be helpful for those with respiratory conditions that are made worse by dry air or hypersensitive to dry situations.

Its ability to add humidity improves the cooling sensation even more. Adding water to the air may have a relaxing impact that enhances the area’s aesthetics.

This air cooler’s unique capacity to humidify the air sets it apart from conventional air conditioning systems. Since this cooler actively solves the dry air problem, it offers benefits beyond just lowering the temperature.

Its capacity to maintain the perfect humidity level makes it an excellent choice for anyone searching for practical and health-conscious cooling solutions that leave your skin, nasal passages, and eyes comfortable and irritation-free.


Visit the Qinux AirGo product page on the official website to purchase one and choose from various packages. Multiple needs may be satisfied by the flexible pricing approach.

  • Customers can one QinuxAirGo for $99.95.
  • When ordering two units of QinuxAirGo for $87.50 per device.
  • Purchasing three QinuxAirGo for $73.00 per unit.
  • You can get five QinuxAirGo $65.00 per unit.

Refund policy

You may return your QinuxAirgo for a complete refund within 60 days of purchase if, for any reason, you’re not satisfied. Easy return policy: send the item(s) back to us for replacement or a full refund (less S&H).

Customer reviews


I’ve been using the Qinux Airgo for many months and am very happy. It is much more comfortable for me to adjust the tempo and regulate the airflow. It’s a great surprise that it works so quietly since my old air conditioner often interferes with my focus. I breathe much cleaner, fresher air now that the air filter is installed. This is an excellent method for keeping my home office cool.


Living in a dry atmosphere has radically improved my life, thanks to the Qinux Airgo. The ability to moisten the air has made my abode considerably cozier.

Thanks to this air conditioner, these issues have significantly decreased. It is easy to use and maintain, and I can always have it with me because of its mobility. You need this if you have to deal with dry air!


As a new mother, I wanted to discover a safe and effective way to cool my baby’s room. Selecting the QinuxAirgo was a wise decision.

The humidified air has maintained the room at a comfortable temperature without causing any irritation to my infant’s skin, and its operation is not disturbing him. The adjustable settings make it easy to use, and the air filter gives extra security.


So I decided to give the Qinux Airgo a go to reduce my environmental footprint. I am glad of the change from my energy-sucking air conditioner. Because of the built-in timer, I don’t have to constantly check to see whether the air conditioner is still operating when I leave the room.

The light frame and water-curtain type design make maintenance and mobility easier. Since I began using it often, my monthly energy bill has decreased. If you need effective cooling without the significant energy expenses that come with it, this is a fantastic choice to think about.



  • Does Qinux Airgo produces noise?

When operating, Qinux Airgo produces very little noise.

  • How long does it take to execute regular maintenance or clean the equipment?

When not in use, remove the water curtain and use a hair dryer to dry the inside. From the machine’s base, remove the drain stopper.

  • How exactly does it get charged?

A micro-USB power cable is used in QinuxAirgo reviews for easy plug-and-play operation.

  • How does the air-moistening feature of the QinuxAirgo operate?

The QinuxAirgo’s air-moistening feature uses a water curtain system to progressively introduce mist into the atmosphere. Passing air through the water-soaked curtain increases both comfort and humidity.

This lessens the possibility of additional negative consequences from traditional cooling approaches, such as dry skin and irritated eyes.

  • Is the QinuxAirgo a suitable option for large rooms and open spaces?

Small businesses and single-user homes are the perfect fit for the QinuxAirgo. Its limited coverage range, yet it works well for cooling and moisturizing the air in a single room or small space. It can need more than one unit to provide the cooling effect in larger areas.

  • What is the recommended frequency of water curtain changes while using a Qinux Airgo?

Under typical operating circumstances, the water curtain of the QinuxAirgo has an average lifetime of 6 to 8 months.

However, this is only sometimes the case, mainly when the water quality is low. The drop-in design of the water curtain makes it simple and fast to replace, ensuring that cooling efficiency is never compromised.

Conclusion- Qinux Airgo Reviews!

In addition to offering cost-effective services, Qinux Airgo guarantees our driving comfort. Since the water supply in this air cooler will last for a few months, you won’t need to bring any more when the outside air temperature has already dropped. The three-phase electric fan on the this air cooler is still required for adequate air circulation.