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Male Extra Review- Ever felt the need to be faster and hard-going in bed? Well, we have got just the right product for you. Over here in this article, we will be going over a capsule to enhance men’ sexual calibre in bed. Read the article until the end to find out more about it.

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Male Extra

What is male extra?

Speaking of the capsule, it has proved its mettle by being one of the most widely celebrated male enhancement capsules across the globe. Later in the article you will get to know why we are speaking emphatically.

We list down a couple of claims made by the makers of male extra:

  • The makers claim to have come up with the composition to help men with their erratic and fleeting erections, making much room for harder erections.
  • Making love is all about enjoying the process and that’s where the makers claim of the capsules providing pleasure sex stems from.
  • Helps reach climax
  • Taking the pills/capsules induces better and increased stamina in men
  • Erections last longer than how they usually did
  • Helps get your sex drive back on track
  • The ingredients used in the making of the Male Extra capsules are natural and contain no artificial elements.
  • Doesn’t this seem way too fructuous for a sex capsule? Well, it’s to exhume the other aspects as well.

Male Extra Review

Male Extra Ingredients

As mentioned in the last paragraph, the capsule is concocted by natural extracts which we will set forth in detail. The discussion will also help us with gaining better insight into the functioning of the capsule and how it works upon entering the human body.

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The capsule composition is mentioned below:

Pomegranate: The first ingredient is pomegranate. Having dwell on the ingredient and those who have been afflicted with erectile dysfunction, it was observed that pomegranate juice positively impacted the men. Shortly after, the men were asked to give out some details on their sexual performance. It was learned that their sexual performance had improved and it was not merely a placebo. To pin down the data, out of 42 subjects, 25 reported harder erections. This certainly proves how the juice(pomegranate) could shoot up the levels of nitric oxide in one’s blood by staving off the chances of it being broken down.

Further, once the nitric oxide is freed up, the blood vessels in the body of human beings start to expand and loosen up, thereby giving more room to harder and bigger erections that one may be having.

L-arginine HCL:

The next ingredient goes by the name L-arginine HCL. This one too is an amino acid that hikes up the levels of nitric oxide, consequently allowing for oxygen-rich blood to gush through the internal system, promoting frequent, strong and robust erections in men. Like the previous one, the effect of this ingredient was tested on a few men with erectile dysfunction. Dishing out L-arginine to 29 men over a time-span of two weeks. It was discerned that 31% of the men had noticed and felt a sense of improvement in their sexual function as opposed to 11% of the placebo circle. This provided a strong ground to place trust on the ingredient.


Next we have Cordyceps, which is known as a natural aphrodisiac, used heavily by Chinese medicine practitioners and sexologidts for over thousands of years. This ingredient is composed of two crucial substances; deoxyadenosine and cordycepic acid. The primary reason why the sub-ingredients are immensely relied upon chalks up to it helping men with their sexual desires by piquing the part that sparks off sex drive in human beings. Statistically, following the injestion of the cordyceps supplement, over 50% of the participants had reported a swelling in their sex drive.

Zinc Citrate:

Next in line we got yhe Zinc Citrate component. This one holds significant sway over the production of testosterone levels in men. Testosterone accounts for the impelling cause behind men’ libido and sexual function. Hold up, there are good chances you may not be getting enough zinc to get your laughing gears around, thereby acting as an impediment to testosterone levels.

Bringing in the statistical study on this, we came to conclusion how ghastly little to no inclusion of zinc rich diet can affect men. It was shown how the levels of testosterone went down by 75% in zinc-deficient men after over 8 months. It was brought to everyone’s notice that a zinc rich diet could help the testosterone levels go up by 50% in just six months.

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The capsule in question uses a considerable amount of zinc citrate so your body does not struggle with it’s deficiency. And once the testosterone levels are brought up, you would be more sex-driven and happier in beds.


Over here, we have got Niacin that has solidified its bearing on erection quality as well as it’s longevity. The compound works by letting your blood vessels(in penis) relax and unwind a bit, leading up to an increased blood gushing and capacity. A study was conducted to look into the effect of niacin on those having trouble getting it firm and upright. The frame had 160 patients who were either handed out niacin or a placebo, for over 12 weeks. Those who had been given niacin reported much improved duration of erection in contrast to the other group. The trail concluded that the ingredient i.e. Niacin alone could be used or given to outmaneuver the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, this ingredient alludes to it’s potency to coup erectile dysfunction as well low stamina. Taking them allows you to revel yourself in the process of love making and make the most out of the given hour.

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Ellagic acid:

This last compound is a naturally occurring phenolic antioxidant present in vegetables, mostly pomegranate. Not only does the ingredient help with erection in men but it also aids vascular health as well as circumvent the issue of body fatigue in many individuals.

Price and refund policy

Although the pricing structure is highly contingent upon varying factors, one of them being the number of bottles one goes for. The makers have set the price in a way you can enjoy multiple bottles at the price of one. Let’s fathom out what we just mentioned. The packages are:

If you want to go for a single bottle, it would cost you around $64.95. You will get an extra one free if there’s any discount available on the website. The second package comes with a 4-month supply where you get 4 bottles.  This offer is priced at $179.95 plus a 1x free ProErection Gel.

However, if you go for a 6month supply having 6 bottles of Male Extra, you will have to pay $249.95 and it comes with a 2x free ProErection Gel. The last offer lets you relish a 12-month Supply of 12 bottles Male Extra. Lay out $395.95 and take the bottles home. Don’t forget to lay your hands on the 4x free pro erection gel.

Regardless of what you opt for, you will always be eligible for cost-free shipping. Additionally, if the product somehow doesn’t work on you/for you, then you could send it back and regain possession of your money. Bear in mind, the company policies strictly stipulate to return only the unused and unopened pieces and not for the used ones.

Final Decision – Is it worth the penny?

Our ultimate question is here, how far is the product fruitful? Looking at the many benefits, if you aspire to have the same stamina as others, go for it without any second thought. The product meliorates testosterone levels in men, helping them to be dominatrix in bed. Not only that, if you feel low on energy for any reason, take the pills and you are good to go for the day. There could be days where even if you desire for sexual arousal, you don’t feel it. The pills help with this problem as well by spiraling your sex drive.

Although the capsule offers you the sex life you have always wanted, there is a catch to this as well. One needs to get the product check by their doctors, particularly sexologists for any ingredient that could potentially disturb pre-existing dysfunctionality. Other than this, you can give it a try. Be heedful of what site you are ordering the product from and whether or not it’s the original one. There are dupes that could harm your bodily functions so look up the website and the product carefully before placing your order. For the price, check the paragraph mentioned below.

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Male Extra Customer Reviews

Male Extra Reviews

Male Extra price


Q1. What if a customer wants only two of these? How much will they have to pay?

Ans. As of now, there’s no mention of how the price is structure around the two of them. You can buy the pieces separately and go ahead with the payment process. Shouldn’t be facing any problem.

Q2. What if the product makes my erectile dysfunction worse?

Ans. The product has been concocted by naturally occurring elements only so there are little to no chances of it backfiring on any customer. Still if you’d like to be sure, look up the website and read the reviews. That way you could make a sound decision.

Q3. Will they not allow for the return of the bottles that have been used once or twice?

Ans. Once the bottle cap is off, the product is yours. The company won’t be paying you any penny in that case. You could still claim a refund if there are unused bottles. For more insight, read up Male Extra’s return policies.

Q4. Does the product only work to circumvent erectile dysfunction?

Ans. No. The product comes with various other benefits as well, notably boosting stamina so that you last longer in bed. Go over the ingredients if you wish to gain more clarity on it.

Q5. There are sites claiming that one has to splash out extra $5 as shipping cost, is it true?

Ans. There are no shipping charges so you won’t be ask to pay any extra penny. If you are thinking of ordering the product, don’t get away with fancied products on fake sites and only place your order on the official website of Male Extra.


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