The Dark Age Defense

What is Dark Age Defense? The brief lesson in Dark Age Defense shows players how to create and preserve power in the event of a disaster. Amazingly, the general public won’t likely have access to Infinity Coil technology until the next ten years. However, people may use this technology to their advantage and the advantage of their families in times of need.

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Dark Age Defense

Some people may pretend to have solar panels or generators; it’s possible. Backup power generators waste a lot of fuel since they function for just a few minutes. They have a relatively limited life expectancy as a result. On the other side, solar panels are vulnerable to failure in the case of a natural catastrophe. By using this method, people may still generate an infinite coil on their own that is supposed to last forever and can run the whole house.

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What procedures are a part of the Dark Age Defense Program?

Dark Age Defense’s main goal is to build an “infinity coil” that can provide energy to a whole home. On the other hand, the author argues that the system offers benefits beyond only power. Additionally, it instructs users on what to do during an electrical power outage. If there is a power outage, users are advised to notify the appropriate emergency organizations.

Using really simple technological techniques, the reader of this guide will learn how to protect their family by establishing a force field around their home

What Lessons Is It Teaching Us?

Dark Age Defense’s primary goal is to teach people how to construct their infinity coils, which can be used to power their dwellings and equipment. The theoretical power supply of an unending coil may go on forever. According to the book, the first thing that must be done following a power loss should be done within 30 seconds.

Additionally, users will be taught how to use this technology to create a force field around their homes. They may use this information to protect their family members more effectively. Along with all of this, the technology used is durable and very real. It is the best method for supplying electricity to a person’s house and all of the electrical appliances inside it.

This technology is so sophisticated that it can even be used to jump-start automobiles that have run out of electricity. Dark Age Defense users will learn how to build the perfect endless coil for their homes and make the most of it once it is there. Solar energy is collected by infinity coils and then used to power dwellings. This particular discipline has advanced significantly since the 1920s. The “pencil trick,” as it has been called, is the easiest. It will be a beacon for consumers to follow in the worst possible situations.

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What exactly Dark Age Defense included?

An infinite coil is simple to make when Dark Age Defense is on your side. Dark Age Defense’s main objective is to teach people to create an “infinity coil.” The information in this book is more than enough to furnish a whole home. The preparation for the Dark Age Defense is far more extensive. Users will discover the following information about themselves when using the book:

  • In the event of a power outage, individuals should call 911 right away.
  • Simple technological techniques may be utilized to build a wall of protection around one’s house and loved ones.
  • The effectiveness of the Infinity Coil may be boosted by 261 per cent when using this technique. Even vehicles that aren’t operating may utilize it as fuel.
  • Assuring that there will never be a blackout is the single most important thing that can be done when it comes to providing energy to a home.
  • Detailed instructions on choosing the ideal Infinity Coil size depending on the size and energy requirements of the home.
  • No more time or money is needed to create seven Infinity Coils at once.
  • It was using the “cheat code” of the Infinity Coil to extract energy from the air. The source claims that this cheat code was initially developed in 1921 and was also submitted to the Patent Office for review.
  • The thoughts and suggestions of the utmost importance are included in the systematic method of Dark Age Defense.
  • The author provides a comprehensive “compass” to help you and your family get through life, even at its most trying times.

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People’s chances of obtaining various advantages rise when they engage in various activities. Getting assistance restoring electricity to your home is a wonderful example. One may construct a Force Field to protect their home, and the instructions are given. People will be able to protect the security of their property by heeding this guidance.

People have a few options to keep themselves and their belongings safe and comfortable in the event of a power loss. Start by making an effort not to get too anxious or agitated. You may use a candle or a flashlight to check whether it’s too dark. Generator owners should carefully read and adhere to the manual’s directions. Anything that has to be cooled should be immediately consumed or placed in an ice-filled cooler. They should eat the food they brought straight away if they brought any. Please make plans to ensure their security and comfort, keeping any potential medical needs in mind.

They may rapidly learn how to make seven Endless coils using the Pencil Squared technique with the aid of the material on this website. You must know the infinite coil generator to keep your electricity on. Without this generator, a person’s home will be unable to provide electricity, rendering it uninhabitable.

Price of Dark Age Defense

The organization’s official website offers this manual for sale. It is now on sale for $67, less expensive than the usual price.

However, there is a chance that the cost may increase in the future. The author also provides all buyers with a sixty-day money-back guarantee. Customers have up to sixty days from the date of purchase to get in touch with customer care to get a complete refund if they do not find this guide to be helpful.

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  • Create a safe refuge there for yourself.
  • Produce Oasis users will get instructions on how to grow their food. Paul contends that growing nutrient-dense crops does not need much acreage. The details included in Produce Oasis are as follows:
  • Using the Sock Fertilizer approach, food output may increase significantly in a relatively short period. All you need to grow food is a sock, some soil, and some freezing water.
  • Find a way to make the “3 Vampire Super Nutrients,” whose potency will be increased seven times. Consume them to develop a leaner, more energized physique.
  • The leading nutrient that tastes like candy and has outstanding advantages for immunological function, cardiovascular health, and bone development
  • By spreading like weeds year-round, it is feasible to consume climate-friendly foods that don’t need refrigeration all year.
  • On-demand water

Water is essential to all life for survival. This study will investigate and assess the most effective methods to guarantee that people have access to enough water to survive during a disaster. In this additional lesson, people learn all they need to know about safely producing, purifying, and storing drinking water.

Customers discover:

  • These are the common mistakes people make while trying to get water when the electricity is down.
  • It offers instructions on conducting a 16-second test to evaluate the water’s purity during a power outage.
  • More minerals may enhance both the taste and overall health benefits of water.
  • It is constructing a Water Force Filter out of a roll of toilet paper and using it. When the water has through this procedure, it will be safe to drink.

A Secure Way to Leave the Area

A well-thought-out evacuation strategy is the only way to make it through the world’s end. Probably, staying at home is no longer viable during a crisis. Because of this, the manual is designed to assist readers in becoming better prepared for future disasters.The following information is available to buyers within:

  • People who prepare specialized emergency survival kits have a better chance of making it through violent riots or natural catastrophes for at least three days.
  • It is helpful to go through these five kindergarten-level questions before assembling an emergency pack so that the best survival supplies can be assembled.
  • With the help of Geronimo Geo Tracking, you can find a victim and go over difficult terrain.
  • Evasion outside of the Grid

In the event of power outages, Paul lists seven safe locations. These open, grid-reliable secure dwellings enable individuals to live like kings with their families in the event of a tragedy. Paul will provide an example of how to get there without using force.

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Refund Procedure

All purchases made via this website are returnable for a refund within sixty days of the purchase date. Customers who purchase Dark Age Defense within the first 60 days of their purchase are eligible for a complete refund with no questions. You may join the B.O.S.S. Community, a group of patriotic people who agree with the author’s principles and viewpoints. In the case of an emergency, members of the private community will be accessible round-the-clock, seven days a week, to provide people access to essentials.

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An excellent survival guide that will enable you to keep the lights on in dangerous circumstances is The Dark Age Defense System. The book’s contents would be most helpful to readers looking for a surefire way to protect their loved ones. As a result of the D.I.Y. Infinity Coil’s development, people will never experience a power shortage again. The knowledge provided by Dark Age Defense is likely to mean the difference between life and death in the case of a natural disaster.

It is commonly known that a natural catastrophe has a catastrophic impact on the individuals who experience it. People may better prepare themselves and their families for the greatest possible result with the aid of this programme. The program’s use procedures shouldn’t be too difficult, particularly for someone who desires to maintain improvement.

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