Bug Bulb Reviews

Bug Bulb Reviews- A mosquito bite may not be dangerous, but its itching and discomfort are unpleasant. Some individuals may only get relief from the unbearable itchiness by using calamine lotion or spraying on chemical medications.

You won’t need this first aid therapy if you have high immunity to mosquito bites, so never get bitten. That’s why citronella candles and other similar strategies have become popular recently. Evidence suggests that citronella effectively ward off mosquitoes and other flying pests. Because we knew that not all of these alternatives would work, we developed Bug Bulb to address the issue.

The primary function of the Bug Bulb is to lure mosquitoes inside, where they may be exterminated swiftly. Inviting insects outdoors may accomplish this. This is the true function of the Bug Bulb. As soon as the bugs come into contact with the electrical gadget, they are instantly killed.

The insects perish rapidly as a result. As soon as it makes contact with them, something occurs. Customers may use Bug Bulb either inside or outdoors to remedy a problem preventing them from fully using the great outdoors.

The Boundary Bug Bulb is a gadget that emits light that may be placed in a specific area to lure mosquitoes. Due to the product’s design, customers may encounter several issues near the Bug Bulb.

This makes it challenging to devise an effective security strategy to deter threats inside and outside the structure. Bug Bulb helps consumers get rid of a major summertime hassle. Too many insects are mostly to blame for this problem. (SPECIAL PROMO) Click Here to Buy Bug Bulb at a Discounted Price While Supplies Last

Bug Bulb

What is Bug Bulb?

The Bug Bulb eliminates mosquitoes and other pests that may cause discomfort to humans and other animals. It accomplishes its mission by emitting a light that attracts insects, which it then employs to dispatch the pests.

This cutting-edge tool is designed to attract pests, which are then killed by the device’s high voltage. This is the whole point of this very sophisticated piece of apparatus. The procedure eliminates all insects in a matter of minutes without using any potentially harmful chemicals or substances.

The mobile gadget includes a large battery that can be charged rapidly using a USB connection. The tool now has an additional useful and easy feature thanks to this addition. The fast and easy method of charging the battery must be completed.

It comes with a little handle that may be used to give it some height if you want to keep it from laying it down. It also has a touch-activated light that can brighten your surroundings. You may hang it up with the included handle if you need somewhere to set it down flat.

It may be used in various settings to increase the ambient light and improve your experience. Keep in mind that this is yet another factor that facilitates modification. Another typical feature is an internal touch light that illuminates the immediate vicinity. This is another available option.


  • LEDs that generate light in the ultraviolet spectrum

The Bug Bulb has an LED light because insects naturally attract it. This was done to make use of an occurrence in nature. Flying insects may arrive from any direction since this light can be seen far away. As a rough estimate, it can illuminate a space that is 250 square feet in size.

The device will attract and frighten away insects from all directions, regardless of where it is attached or put. The device will function well in any environment, thanks to this.

  • A noiseless action

The typical operation of a Bug Bulb produces a very subtle sound that may be distinguished from background noise. You may sleep or relax outdoors without worrying about being troubled by the elements and be shielded from potentially dangerous insects.

  • The equivalent of IPX7 water resistance

The Bug Bulb has a waterproof mechanism certified as IPX7, so it is protected from moisture. This ensures that the Bug Bulb has a long service life.

This is always the case, regardless of how much liquid is poured upon the instrument. No amount of fluids applied to the instruments will prevent this from occurring.

  • Instant action

The Bug Bulb gets its name because its electric coils can instantly dispatch a mosquito. This is the rationale for the device’s moniker. Mosquitoes won’t bother you any more; they’ll drop dead when they contact the Bug Bulb instead of lingering about your home.

This facilitates the removal of mosquito carcasses. Because they are instantly terminated upon contact, mosquitoes have no reason to linger about your home, seeking relief from their suffering.

  • Safe

There’s no need to use poisonous chemicals or sprays only to get rid of bugs. You may also use light and energy to exterminate the insects if you choose not to employ this approach. Insecticides and other potentially harmful methods of pest control fall under this category. This is because the UV light emitted by the Bug Bulb is safe.

  • Not employment of UV or LED light:

Ultraviolet (UV) light attracts mosquitoes because they mistake it for a sign that a blood meal will soon be available. The glow of our skin is one example of this phenomenon that attracts insects. So, much like a magnet, UV light draws in mosquitoes.

This increases the likelihood that they may cause illness in humans. The “Bug Bulb”  ‘s UV-emitting components are light-emitting diodes or LEDs. The “Bug Bulb” cannot function without this illumination. It’s possible to do the same with the Bug Bulb.

  • Noodors or sprays

Some techniques of pest control, although effective, leave behind unpleasant odours. Someone on your property is spraying it everywhere with what may be toxic paint.

The Bug Bulb may lure mosquitoes inside without having to physically coax them in, eliminating the need for pesticides and other harsh chemicals. There is no longer any need to bring in bugs now that we have the Bug Bulb.

  • Long battery life

You won’t have to worry about your Bug Bulb dying before you can charge it since doing so is as simple as charging a smartphone. Verify that the USB cable is inserted into the correct slot.

Never in the history of ever will AAA or AA batteries be required. These are not real battery types 1 and 2. Instead, charge the Bug Bulb to its maximum capacity and leave it on for the recommended 15–20 hours of operation.

The Bug Bulb has a 15-hour bug-zapping duration and a 20-hour lighting period, giving you plenty of time to utilize it whether you’re camping nearby or miles away from civilization, such as while staying at a friend’s house.

This is due to the Bug Bulb’s dual functionality as a zapper (operating for 15 hours) and a light (operating for 20 hours).

  • Easy to use

The Bug Bulb may be used independently of any electrical outlet. You don’t have to do this. The Bug Bulb’s adaptability and versatility make it a handy tool. Put the device on a charger instead. After a full charge, it can be used wirelessly anywhere on the planet.

  • Little but powerful

The Bug Bulb’s ability to pack so much data into such a little package has baffled many people. The gadget is neither massive nor cumbersome, yet its power is anything from negligible. This makes it a fantastic option for uses where mobility is a priority.

  • It’s effective against a wide variety of winged insects, including mosquitoes and flies:

The desire to rid one’s home of mosquitoes and similar pests inspired the creation of the Bug Bulb. However, not only do bugs and flies go towards the Bug Bulb, but so do gnats, no-see-ums, and other flying insects. The flies and mosquitoes you see here aren’t the only ones involved.

Mosquitoes and insects like these learn that more UV radiation means more food. They take to the air to reach it, but an increasing electrical charge becomes fatal, rendering their efforts futile.

Whether you’re looking to prevent pests from entering your house or company in general or eliminate an existing infestation on your property, the Bug Bulb might be useful.

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How does Bug Bulb functions?

The rechargeable Bug Bulb works to deter insects with its bright light and short, sharp zaps. Place the Bug Bulb in a spot with plenty of vegetation. To do this, position the Bug Bulb anywhere an abundance of unwelcome insects is a problem.

Mosquitoes may be drawn to UV light because of the allure it provides, increasing the risk of their being stung. This may lead to a rise in insect bites. Repeated scientific investigations have shown that a light’s ability to attract flies is unrelated to its source.

It was determined that this classification accounted for the great majority of instances. This is so even if opinions vary widely on the optimal lighting to attract such bugs to a human being. Although prolonged exposure to this light may induce sunburns, the lantern’s coil is not powerful enough to inflict serious injury.

Bug Bulb lanterns provide a light that attracts mosquitoes, which then remain on the spot until there is no more to eat. If they did, the device was equipped with a method to deliver an electric shock instantly. Customers may use the product without fear of injury since a single contact is enough to kill a mosquito permanently.

Since it doesn’t emit any potentially hazardous or damaging energy, this is the situation. Its advantages are still available even if the user is responsible for part of the maintenance and cleaning.

Because of the integrated hook, it may be used either on a tabletop or hung on the wall. It also works when placed on a flat surface. This is so because the hook is integral to the gadget itself.

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  • It’s a multipurpose instrument that can be carried about easily and effectively keeps insects at bay and kills them.
  • There are no potentially harmful chemicals or materials utilised in the production process.
  • After being completely charged, the battery may survive for twenty hours until it dies and has to be replaced.
  • You may continue using it regardless of the climate since it is weatherproof.
  • A portable gadget that doesn’t take up too much space and weighs just seven ounces.
  • It has been shown that the purple LED light that casts a 360-degree circle efficiently prevents insects from all directions.

How to use Bug Bulb?

Remove the rechargeable battery pack from Your Bug Bulb and plug it into your computer using the included micro USB connection. You may use this to charge it. Follow the directions on the label. The charging indicator light turns red on certain devices while being charged.

The switch at the tools very top must be flipped to activate it. Please pay attention to the popping noises the tool makes before using it.

If you want the finest results from Bug Bulb, leave it in the optimal position for around two hours before beginning the procedure.

Doing so will allow you to get the finest outcomes. Apply it at least two hours before bedtime for maximum effectiveness against the insects that may otherwise keep you awake.


The safest place to buy Bug Bulb is only form the official website of it.

  • For $39.99, you can get one Bug Bulb.
  • Two insect lights may be purchased for $79.99.
  • The price of three insect lights is $39.99
  • At $119.99, you get four insect lights.

Customer reviews

Randall F

People can only engage in these activities when the air is free of flying insects, but their inspiration usually comes at the last minute. The mosquito is the most troublesome and difficult-to-eradicate pest in hot climates. Bug Bull just takes a few minutes to use and maintain, and it effectively gets rid of pests.

R. Charles.

People motivated to create Bug Bulb because they felt responsible for the safety of not just their own families but also the families of visitors. To fully unwind and enjoy the summer, people must be certain that no insects will interrupt their fun.

The Bug Bulb is more effective at its designated tasks. I didn’t anticipate having such a heavy reliance on it when I originally purchased it.



The Bug Bulb is a superior technology that will protect your family from mosquitoes and other harmful insects. It’s created with useful characteristics, such as compactness and water resistance. It features a superb outside shell, powerful batteries, and a durable, attractive design that will keep you secure from pests.

These qualities will keep you secure as you eradicate unwanted environmental pests. The device’s built-in safeguards will ensure your safety as you eliminate unwanted pests. With these abilities, you may eliminate harmful pests without endangering yourself or anyone else.

Because of these inherent characteristics, you won’t be wounded even if you remove insects from their native habitat. It would help if you didn’t worry about the building collapsing on you or being wounded inside since these factors were considered during construction.

It may be charged using its Micro USB connector. This eliminates the need to purchase a cable individually. Its versatility makes it useful in settings as diverse as the house, the business, and a camping trip.

If you let the summer pass without purchasing the most powerful insect zapper available, you will miss out on everything the season offers. Don’t put off purchasing a Bug Bulb Zapper any longer than necessary.


  • For how long Bug Bulb can perform?

The battery’s current operating condition determines the amount of stored energy that may be utilised at any particular moment. This cost is calculated from the percentage of available battery life currently being used.

The Bug Bulb’s battery life has to be roughly 16 hours for the individual to utilise its zapping functions. The battery should last up to 20 hours of continuous operation (assuming no further demands are placed).

  • Is Bug Bulb durable?

Yes. Bug protection products are readily available year-round, regardless of the temperature or precipitation. This is true even if the person is physically present at a shop. The highest water resistance certification the Bug Bulb may get is IPX6.

  • When the Bug Bulb is turned on and producing light, is it safe for children and animals to play in the vicinity?

Yes. The zapping gadget is now inconveniently located, but the electric current it generates is safe for children to handle. In addition, the infant is never put in danger by exposure to chemicals, radiation, or EMFs, as with previous approaches. This occurs because there is no radiation production inside the equipment itself.

  • Does the Bug Bulb light operate to eliminate mosquitoes and other insects?

Without a doubt. The Bug Bulb’s primary function is to eliminate mosquitoes, but it is also effective against flies, gnats, and other pests that may be just as annoying. The Bug Bulb may be purchased on Amazon.com. You may get a Bug Bulb on Amazon.com if you so want.

  • Can you take the Bug Bulb’s illumination with you everywhere you go?

Yes. This allows the equipment to be utilised in natural settings like parks and forests. Hooks are provided for customers who want to raise the height of their displays. This hook was included in the shipment they received.

  • After your purchase has been completed in full, how long will Bug Bulb ship it to you?

If there is inventory, orders placed by consumers should arrive within three to seven business days. The expectation that the timetable wouldn’t be altered was the basis for this optimism. The overall duration may remain the same even if the target isn’t met.

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