BlendIt Reviews

The portable BlendIt revolutionizes how we prepare and consume blended meals and beverages. Due to its mobility and lightweight, this blender is ideal for those who lead hectic lives.

This portable blender provides you the power and mobility you need to blend anything from delectable smoothies to protein drinks, whether at home, in the workplace, or out in nature.

Due to its cutting-edge technology, quick USB charging, and water-resistant construction, it’s a fantastic choice for fitness enthusiasts and people who are always on the go. Get BlendIt a special deal + bonuses when you order today >>>


What is BlendIt?

With the BlendIt you can make nutritious and revitalizing smoothies, shakes, juices, and more while on the go. It has a one-button control, is very lightweight, and takes up very little room. It features a tight lid, can contain up to 16 ounces of liquid, and may be used as a portable drinking cup.

Any device with a USB port may be used to charge it, including laptops, car chargers, and portable power banks. The number of drinks it can produce on a single charge varies depending on the ingredients and consistency.

This portable blender’s self-cleaning feature makes cleaning it simple. Just put soap and water in a blender and process for a little while.


  • Dimensions (9 x 9 x 3 inches)

This portable blender is teeny and thin with dimensions of about three by three by nine inches. Its tall and thin shape makes it easy to store in small spaces and transport in a bag. This design is a good choice for portability.

  • Weightless (1.3 lbs):

With a weight of about 1.3 pounds, this blender is exceptionally lightweight. People always on the go will love it since it is so lightweight. It is manageable to take about since it is lightweight.

  • Capacity (16 ounces):

Up to 16 fluid ounces of components (or 473 milliliters) may fit in this blender. One serving of your preferred blended beverage, such as a smoothie, shake, or iced coffee, is easily made with this size.

  • Material (BPA-free plastic):

The absence of the potentially hazardous chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) indicates that the blender’s plastic is BPA-free. This is an excellent choice for combining a wide range of items since it is a more secure alternative for containers used with food and beverages.

  • Blades (Stainless steel):

Stainless steel, valued for its sturdiness, durability, and resistance to corrosion, is used to make the blades. They effectively blend ice, frozen fruit and vegetables, and other ingredients. There are several mixing uses for these blades.

  • Motor (275 watts):

The 275-watt motor of the blender demonstrates its power. It indicates that the blender’s engine is strong enough to blend a variety of substances thoroughly. This strength excels, for instance, while crushing ice or merging heavy materials.

  • Battery (2000 mAh lithium-ion):

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, like the 2000 mAh kind, have a high energy density, allowing them to store a lot of power while being relatively tiny. Lithium-ion batteries are often used in portable gadgets due to their mobility, lightweight, and reliable, rechargeable power.

  • Charging time (2-3 hours):

The blender’s battery may be quickly charged with two to three hours of charging. You may shorten the duration between blending sessions by quickly charging the battery in between usage.

  • Blending time (Up to 20 beverages per charge):

This measurement highlights the battery life of the blender. On a single charge, it may produce up to twenty distinct beverages. This is a nice function if you want to use the blender for an extended period when camping or traveling and won’t have access to an electricity outlet.

These characteristics paint an image of a portable light blender with enough capacity and power. Its reliable stainless steel blades and BPA-free parts enhance its performance and safety, and its compact design makes it perfect for blending various beverages while on the go.

How does Blendit work?

Any open USB port may charge the blender until the LED turns green. A portable power bank, a wall outlet, or a car may all be used to charge the blender. The blender is fully charged and ready to use when the green light turns on.

You may start preparing your drink after the battery is charged. Open the blender cup and add the ingredients to create a smoothie, shake, or other blended beverage. Securely screw on the lid that protects the blender’s stainless steel blades to safely enclose your contents and prepare them for blending.

You can begin the blending process by selecting the proper button and turning the device upside down after placing everything in the blender. The blender’s powerful 275-watt motor and stainless steel blades may help you get the ideal consistency for your beverage.

The blender is simple to set back upright when blending is complete. Your blended drink is now prepared for serving. It may be consumed directly from the blender cup or kept in a different container. This beverage container is perfect for those who are always on the move since the lid can be kept in place.

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  • Portable:

This portable blender is a lightweight, portable blender that can keep up with your busy lifestyle. Due to its small size, you can easily tuck it away in a handbag or backpack and carry it wherever your travels take you. You can bring this blender everywhere, including the gym, the office, and weekend getaways.

  • Powerful:

This blender’s performance is not in any way diminished. Thanks to its advanced blending technology, it just takes 20 seconds to mix various ingredients, including fruits, leafy greens, and more. It offers the power and effectiveness necessary to produce delectable, expertly crafted dishes and beverages swiftly.

  • USB rechargeable:

Because USB can recharge it, this blender is useful and ecologically beneficial. It charges quickly, and one charge may last through several mixing sessions. You may save money and the environment by switching to USB-powered mixers instead of disposable batteries.

  • Self-Cleaning:

Cleaning up after your mixing adventures has always been challenging. Mix some soap and water, rinse it out, and you’re done cleaning it. You no longer need to scrape for hours to clean; you can do it fast and effortlessly.

  • Silent Operation:

Due to its silent operation, this portable blender can be used anytime. Due to its quiet operation, you may prepare your morning coffee without waking up the family or blend while studying late at night without disturbing the neighbors.

  • Versatile:

There are more uses for this blender than just blending beverages. It is an essential kitchen tool for preparing a wide range of cuisines. This blender is adaptable enough to prepare baby food, dips, milkshakes, slushies, dressings, sauces, cocktail-grade protein smoothies, frothy frozen lattes, and more.

  • Stylish

This portable blender is fashionable in addition to being useful. Every fashionista should own one due to its slick, elegant design. It’s a stylish item that doubles as a functional tool and a fashion statement.

  • Safe

To protect the safety of its users, this portable blender has intelligent safety features. Because of its built-in safety safeguards, the blender will shut off if it detects any harmful working conditions, such as when it is overloaded or starting to overheat.

Guaranteeing you that your safety is being addressed prevents damage to the blender and provides you peace of mind during blending sessions.

  • Indicating LEDs

Thanks to the LED light, it is simpler to operate the blender while it is on. This visual cue offers insightful information on the status of the blender. It displays the blender’s state, including when it is fully charged and ready to use, when blending food, and when a new charge is required. Thanks to the LED indicator, you can quickly determine what’s happening with the blender, preventing any unwanted surprises. Place your order right here for the best prices available!

How Blendit should be used?

It’s simple to use the BlendIt. First, connect the blender to a USB port that has been charged. Please wait till the charging light becomes green before using it.

Next, prepare everything for the blender. Before starting the recipe, ensure all your ingredients— fresh vegetables, protein powder, or anything else—are clean and well-measured.

Open the cup and add the ingredients to the blender to start. Be careful not to overfill the cup. The stainless steel-bladed cover should then be secured to keep your contents contained.

Holding the blender upside down will engage the mixing button, often located at the bottom of the appliance. By holding down this button, the blending mode is initiated. The strong motor and stainless steel blades will start blending your ingredients.

By mixing for more or less time, you may alter the consistency. This portable blender can combine ingredients in as little as 20 seconds. However, you may adjust that to fit your recipe.

Press the button once more to release the mixture after the appropriate consistency. Make sure the mixer is standing straight before moving on.

Combine everything, then serve right away. You may dump it into a different container or drink it straight from the blender cup. For safe transportation of your final item, securely seal the lid.

With the self-cleaning feature, cleanup is fast and easy. Fill the blender’s cup with soap and water, run it briefly, and then rinse it off. This ensures you’ll always have a pristine blender for blending tasks.

Charge this portable blender, prepare your ingredients, put the cup together, and blend until you are satisfied with the consistency, stop, and drink up. Cleaning up does a snap owe to the self-cleaning mechanism. It is a useful kitchen utensil that may be used for several uses.

What makes Blendit the best choice?

BlendIt’s distinct qualities and advantages must be compared to its competitors to determine whether it merits the best title. This portable blender is desirable for many individuals due to its supremacy in several significant areas.

The excellent mobility of this portable blender is, first and foremost, a key selling factor. Thanks to the mobility of this blender, you may always have access to freshly blended drinks, whether at work, on the road, or at the gym.

This portable blender can also provide consistent, smooth blending results because of its high-tech motor and stainless steel blades. Even the hardest ingredients, such as frozen fruits and leafy greens, may be easily combined in under 20 seconds. One of the main selling points is the quick mixing time.

Its USB recharge ability adds to its host of advantages. It can be easily recharged using regular USB connections, eliminating the need for disposable batteries and enabling recharging in various locations.

Its water-resistant design increases its usefulness and durability. It is secure to use next to the water and won’t shatter if dropped in or unintentionally submerged.

Thanks to the self-cleaning function, users can easily clean up after a mixing session. This feature of their kitchen equipment will appeal to those who value convenience.

This portable blender is perfect for use in the small hours of the morning or during late-night study sessions because of its quiet functioning. Due to how silently this gadget runs, you won’t be a distraction in a group environment.

This portable blender can prepare everything, from nutritious smoothies to infant meals to your original gourmet concoctions, which is another selling factor. It is a wonderful investment for any kitchen due to its versatility.

BlendIt Price

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If you want to carry wholesome drinks everywhere you go, the BlendIt is perfect. Its many characteristics add to its strength, adaptability, comfort, and user-friendliness. The outrageous price, limited storage, and noisy operation are only a few drawbacks.

However, some buyers may be prepared to ignore these shortcomings if they put a greater value on the product’s other qualities. According to our assessment, this portable blender is a good choice if you’re looking for one that can handle any ingredients and make any drinks you want.

It is money well spent in terms of health and quality of life. On the maker’s website, you may buy this portable blender.

Customer reviews

What Do Customers Say? BlendIt has an average score of Overall Rating. ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 4.7/5 Stars on the official website


BlendIt’s self-cleaning function is excellent, particularly for someone like myself who is always on the run. It is my go-to travel item because of how simple it is to use and how well it withstands rain and snow. Pleasant and healthy drinks may now be carried with you wherever you go.


The BlendIt is more than just a blender; it enhances quality of life. With its whisper-quiet operation, I can prepare smoothies first thing in the morning without waking anybody. I’ve even started experimenting with mixing drinks because of its versatility.


In the kitchen, BlendIt is a true miracle. How fast and simple it prepares delectable dishes from scratch amazes me. What could be superior? Thanks to the self-cleaning feature, I can spend more time enjoying smoothies and less time cleaning the blender.


BlendIt has altered my life for my family. This useful device gives me wonderful smoothies, and the baby gets nutritious purees. Additionally, its modern design has proven to be a conversation starter at gatherings. Incredible versatility and style!


In my busy schedule, BlendIt has made a surprising impact. Thanks to the quick mixing time, you no longer have to rush in the morning, the comfort of a local smoothie bar without leaving home. Thanks to the sale pricing, it was a fantastic deal; at last, top quality is affordable!

Noa Collins.

I never in a million years imagined that I would find a blender that supports my enthusiasm for creating distinctive drinks and living a healthy lifestyle. The protein shakes, and beverages you may produce with BlendIt have the smoothest texture. It’s my go-to place for both luxury and well-being! BlendIt Is On Sale Now For A Limited Time!


  • What is the charging process for the BlendIt?

By connecting the included USB cable to any USB port, such as those on a computer, a power bank, or a standard wall adapter, the BlendIt portable blender may be charged.

The indicator light will turn on when the blender is charging. The blender is prepared for usage when the indication light switches from red to green.

  • How long does the blender function after being fully charged?

Two to three hours are often needed to charge the BlendIt portable blender fully. The capacity of the battery and the accessibility of power are two elements that might impact how long it takes to recharge.

  • When making smoothies in the BlendIt blender, can ice be added?

For blending ice into smoothies, the BlendIt works well. With this blender’s powerful engine and stainless steel blades, crushing and mixing ice to the desired consistency is a breeze.

  • Can I combine hot liquids in the BlendIt blender?

Processing hot liquids is not intended for the portable BlendIt blender. Only cold or room-temperature items should be added to this blender. You run the danger of an explosion if you attempt to combine warm substances.

  • Does the BlendIt blender make a lot of noise while it’s running?

The compact BlendIt blender is very quiet and won’t disturb the neighbors. It is advantageous in both loud and quiet environments because of its versatility.

  • Can I use the BlendIt blender to make baby food?

Certainly, baby food can be made in the BlendIt blender. Using this device, you may make baby food by combining cooked, soft ingredients into a uniform paste. It’s a useful tool for parents who are short on time but wish to prepare their baby meals.

  • Does BlendIt show waterproof property?

BlendIt is designed to endure spills and downpours. Although it is not intended to be completely submerged in water, it is protected against spills and unintentional immersion damage. This design improves its flexibility and resilience.

  • How much food can the blendit hold?

The BlendIt portable blender allows you to mix up to 16 fluid ounces (or 473 milliliters) of substances simultaneously. These-sized portions of smoothies, shakes, and other blended beverages are possible.